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Dr. Manoj Kumar Verma

I, heartily welcome you all in Library Science Professionals Website. The aim to create this website is to provide a unique platform for young and budding professionals, just standing on the door of LIS profession to inter and build their carrier in this noble profession by providing various information like- LIS Jobs, Events, LIS admission notifications in different institutions, Syllabus of different LIS departments, UGC-NET related information & materials, virtual courses in LIS subject and many more at one place. The budding professionals are the future of our profession and I believe that this blog will help them to reach their goal of life with distinction and maintain the integrity of this noble profession by accomplishment of their knowledge though this virtual forum. 

Dr. Manoj Kumar Verma

Assistant Professor

Department of Library & Information Science

Mizoram University, Aizawl 796004

Email: manojdlisbhu@gmail.com/manojdlis@mzu.edu.in 

Phone-+91-9774003201; +91-8787451116

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